November 25, 2020

Top Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies

Earlier we wont to store our data in hard drives on a computer. Cloud Computing services have replaced such disk drive technology. Cloud Computing service is nothing but providing services like Storage, Databases, Servers, networking and therefore the software through the web .

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Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Cloud Platform uses resources like computers, virtual machines, hard disks, etc. located at Google data centers.
  • Google Cloud Platform is an integrated storage employed by developers and enterprises for live data.
  • Apart from the free trial, this service is out there at various flexible payment plans supported Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG).

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

  • AWS is that the safest and guarded platform of cloud service which offers a good set of infrastructure services like database storage, computing power, networking.
  • Using this AWS one can host the static websites.
  • By using such services, users are ready to build complicated applications that are trustworthy, scalable and versatile.
  • One can have the hands-on experience of AWS for free of charge.

Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure is employed for deploying, designing and managing the applications through a worldwide network.
  • Previously Microsoft Azure was referred to as Windows Azure.
  • This Cloud computing service supports various operating systems, databases, tools, programming languages and frameworks.
  • A free trial version of Microsoft Azure is out there for 30 days.


  • VMware may be a universal leader in virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure.
  • VMware’s cloud computing is exclusive and helps in reducing the IT intricacy, lower the expenses, provides flexible agile services.
  • VMware vCloud Air may be a safe and guarded public cloud platform that gives networking, storage, disaster recovery, and computing.
  • VMware’s Cloud solutions facilitate to maximise your organization’s profits of cloud computing by combining the services, technologies, guidance needed to work and manage the staff.

IBM Cloud

  • IBM Cloud offers Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS through all the available cloud delivery models.
  • Using IBM Cloud one can have the liberty to pick and unite your required tools, data models and delivery models in designing/creating your next-generation services or applications.
  • IBM Cloud is employed to create pioneering way outs which will gain value for your businesses and industry.
  • With the IBM Bluemix Cloud platform, one can incorporate highly performing cloud communications and services into your IT environment.


Kamatera provides very low-maintenance and high-performance cloud infrastructure services. the value is additionally very low for its cloud services (yes, you’ll set a server as low as $4).

Kamatera Core features:
  • Customized and Tailored Made VPS Hosting. They charge only consistent with what you employ . E.g once you add 1 GB RAM you’ll buy this only and no got to add extra server resources unnecessary.
  • Add or remove servers with none penalty.
  • 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed.
  • Try 100% free for the 30-days. No hidden fees or any commitment Access all cloud Management Platform features within the test period also .
  • 24/7/365 Tech Human Support.
  • 14 Global Data Centers across 4 continents.


phoenixNAP Core Features:

phoenixNAP Core Features:

  • phoenixNAP may be a global IT services provider offering secure and scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, including private, public, and managed cloud services.
  • phoenixNAP’s Data Security Cloud, Virtual Private Data Center, Managed Private Cloud, and Public Cloud use cutting-edge hardware and software technologies to support evolving business needs.
  • In addition to the high-performance cloud platform, phoenixNAP also offers advanced backup, disaster recovery, and availability solutions.
  • Delivered on an opex-friendly model, phoenixNAP’s services provide access to enterprise-grade technology at a reasonable price.
  • phoenixNAP’s cloud computing solutions can assist you meet compliance, security, and business continuity goals.


ScienceSoft may be a renowned US-based provider of cloud infrastructure services.

Core Features:
  • 11 years of experience in IT service management.
  • Managed cloud services to non-IT companies using AWS / Azure and to providers of SaaS applications running on AWS / Azure.
  • End-to-end cloud managed services, including cloud infrastructure consulting, administration and troubleshooting, management, monitoring, and security; cloud migration; cloud infrastructure optimization and evolution.
  • Subscription price advantage (thanks to the official status of Cloud Service Provider), consolidated billing, and a fanatical manager to handle subscription-related requests.
  • Established partnerships with AWS and Azure in IoT and large Data.
  • 24 / 7 / 365 support.

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